Current Business Card Trends

Business cards are very important to every firm. Although there’s still a location for the standard engraved card, those in creative industries are finding new ways of showing their style through their cards. Here are a few of the existing developments we have noticed.

1. Rounded corners
Providing a softer edge for your cards, rounded corners are a fantastic solution when you want a friendly, approachable sense for your model. Reducing the sides gives somewhat towards the expense of the card as it can be an additional process. For more useful information, you can visit through

2. Folded cards

Folded cards are good if you want more room for text or photos, but nevertheless need to keep to normal business card sizes. There are lots of skillfully designed folds where the front flap is simply partial, leaving the contact information discovered but opening to disclose additional pictures or design to produce your card more memorable. Folding cards can also have a longer living as useful bookmarks.

3. Matte finish

Shiny cards are difficult to create on, which makes them undesirable for that networking idea of jotting notes or numbers onto your cards before giving them over. A matte finish permits writing on, having a refined and beautiful shine and provides an excellent defense towards the card such that it lasts longer. You can also select unique business cards ideas for your business.

4. Images on cards

They often say that a photo is worth a lot of words and, over a business card where space is bound, pictures could make all the difference to make your company memorable. The pattern is going far from head shots and towards more creative uses of photography integrated into the look of the complete card, so like a landscape picture occupies the complete card using the contact details superimposed over a light background area of the image.

5. QR codes

Enjoy them or hate them, they are creating their presence felt on business cards everywhere now. The secret is to utilize them creatively, both inside the layout and in where they result in – a link getting visitors to a newsletter signup page is one functional use for them.

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