Creating A Work-Life Balance

Being a mother nowadays and balancing out work and life can make it hard to strike a work-life balance and still have time for my own self. I enjoy being a mother, and having a growing family dont get me wrong but sometimes I feel like I am going at it all with a husband who is just going through the motions. My husband works long hours and is also going to school part-time in order to find a new career, which leaves me with more time with the kids and less time seeing my husband.

I quit my current job lately and found a better job lately, but my new job is taking more time than expected. This new job is making it difficult to strike that balance between work and my life outside of work, and I think that raising my kids are my number priority in my life. I remember how much my own parents worked when I was just a kid and how much I missed seeing both my mom and my dad on a daily basis. I want to create a new life in which I am there for my kids, and I am hoping that my husband will start chipping in more often and hopefully I can get fewer hours at work to be there for my kids.

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