Converting A Youtube Video To An Mp3 Audio Is Very Easy

Have you heard about It is a website that provides a special software tool for changing a YouTube video to an mp3 audio file. The audio file is usually downloadable and free. The site is just one among numerous others that offer the same service. The reason why I am talking about it here is because I want to help you save time and money. I want to tell you more about the above-mentioned video2 mp3 site so that you can decide whether you want to use it or not. The first thing I would like you to know is that it is completely free.

There are no charges for using the site. Second, you simply need a computer, internet connection and a video link from youtube. If you already have an account on, open it and search for your favorite videos. I am sure there are many videos you love. Open the first video and look above it. There will be a short link that you should select and copy. Open and paste your link on an empty space shown on the home page and hit convert. In a minute you will have a downloadable mp3 song. As you can see, this is extremely simple.

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