Contact Lenses For Individual Preferences And Needs

Contact lenses are made of different kinds of materials. The appropriate lenses can be chosen by users depending upon individual preferences and needs. Soft lenses are manufactured from plastics known as hydro gels. These gel like plastics contain water. An enhanced product called Silicone hydro gel contact lenses is available in the market. These provide more oxygen to the eyes. A needy person can easily obtain appropriate type of contact lenses from the website of Vision direct.

There are lenses with smaller diameter that provides better vision than soft lenses. They are called GP or RGP or oxygen permeable lenses and is made of tough and waterless plastics. They are prescribed for presbyopia and astigmatism. Hard lenses are not prescribed nowadays, as they do not permit flow of oxygen to the eyes. They are manufactured with a tough plastic called PMMA. Hybrid contact lenses are made with a rigid GP lens material at its optical center. This center is encircled with soft lens material to facilitate comfort in wearing.

About sixty-seven percent of fittings for new contact lenses and refitting in 2011 choose silicone hydro gel lenses. The next rankings in popularity were regular soft lenses with twenty-four percent; GP lenses with eight percent and hybrid lenses with one percent.

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