Comparison Between Fitbit and Pulse Fitness Tracker

In terms of functions, the Pulse has anything youd expect from an activity tracker and one important differentiator: an alarm on the back of the device that measures heartbeat. After removing the unit from your video, place your hand on the sensor and your heart rate is displayed and recorded. The complete process requires about 30 seconds for resting pulse rate measurements. There are medical studies that show the benefits of watching this full; but again, this is for resting pulse only. For those whose number-one priority is health tracking rather than mere motivation and activity tracking, this addition may be enough to provide a nod to the Pulse on the Fitbit, but consider long and hard before doing that. Ecosystem is more important when it comes to these things and so far, Fitbit is winning on that front.

For people who love and have obtained into the Withings ecosystem of products, the Pulse is a good addition. But the pulse-rate measurement is more of a gimmick than a deal maker during this period. General, until a few of the small weaknesses of this unit are rectified, we still think that the Fitbit One is the greatest clip activity tracker available. While generally optimistic, Dan Cooper of Engdaget sees some shortcomings with the Pulse: As you might have collected, we generally like the Pulse, but some of its conditions that could ultimately hamper its success.

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