Comedy In Filipino TV

They say Filipinos are 1 of the happiest people on the planet. Filipinos rated 67th happiest out of 142 countries in the 2012 Legatum Institute Abundance Index. Due to the tropical land, Philippines has lately been bombarded with numerous national calamities, so what makes them so joyful?

In nearly every interview of a catastrophe or calamity, you are able to find Filipinos waving and grinning within the backdrop. Could they be so numb and passive? I really don’t believe therefore, I’d call it resistant.

The information of their TV shows say a great deal about their inclination in life. Filipinos have a predilection for comedy TV shows, they have had comedy shows that survived for decades and have become icons of the generation.

Could their love for comedy TV actually be associated with their happy state? This is an average chicken or egg scenario. Art imitates life and vice versa as day-to-day Filipino scenarios at work and at home are delivered to a light in television displays. Slapstick material may be contained by the content but it still succeeds to bring happiness to the masses.

Case in point, Filipino TELEVISION Comedy King “Dolphy” recently passed away and the entire country mourned his departure, they reminisced on how happy this celebrity made them as well as their loved ones feel. In Dolphy’s decade-long shows: “John en Marsha” and “Home Along Da Riles,” he portrayed a lower life expectancy class worker, family man. He faced challenges and problems which range from household, fiscal, boss related problems and perhaps even intimate ones which lots of Filipinos can readily connect to.

There are various icons for every single generation, from Dolphy to the kings and queens of Vice Ganda, Philippine Comedy TV, Vic Sotto, Ai Ai delas Alas, an such like, these actors and actresses have a substantial following. They pass the torches to another celebrity and celebrity that may make the Filipino audience laughter and smile every single day.

More times than not, Filipino humor shows are inspirational, they showcase success stories of how embarrassing impoverished persons make a mark or stand up and enhance their state, there is always a hero / heroine archetype. A good example could be “Pepito Manaloto, ” a tale of the noveau-rich family, fresh out of winning the lottery, this is a journey to their own transition from poor to rich. The masses look as much as these folks, they live vicariously expecting that their lives become testaments of these shows.

Filipinos’ love for comedy also stemmed to romantic comedies or “romcoms,” describing the success of the Sarah and John Lloyd tandem along with the Sir Chief and Maya success. There is an audience for keeping things light. It can also be among the explanations for why Filipinos love koreanovela “romcoms, ” they will have this type of light and comedic treatment to their own soaps.

I believe it is universal that comedy shows are inclined to transport people away from the rut they are in. Filipinos are inclined to spend hours sitting making use of their families, extended families, mates, co-workers and neighbors in the front of it after a very long day to relish a number of great jokes. Pinoy TV programs are not individualistic, they really produce a place for individuals to bond, they are conversation starters, relationships and friendships are born out of discussions of Filipino TV programs.

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