College Student Loans: Are These The Best Options?

I never realized the importance of preparing financially for ones college education until now that I am a parent of 3 kids. I can’t imagine the pressure that my children will experience if they will be sustained in their studies only through college student loans and other loans (“kiirlaenud” in Estonian) meant for studying. The thought that they have already incurred debt even before they have the chance to earn for a living is something that I don’t like to happen. I wanted them to enjoy life after so many years of study and wanted them to make use of their salary in their most advantage. I don’t want them to be compelled to pay for a loan that they should not be paying if only their parents are responsible enough to pay for their college education. Hence, as early as now, me and my wife are saving for my children’s college education. By doing so, we can be more fulfilled as parents knowing that we have done our part in providing our children’s needs. I hope everything will work out with that and all three of my kids can eventually go to college and get the best education they can possibly get.

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