Causes Of Depression In Teenagers

These days we mostly see the signs of depression in teens. Teen Depression is presented for troubled teens or parents of teens. We offer information on teenage depression, issues, and other teen problems. Our articles were written to educate parents and teens about adolescent depression, the warning signs, and various treatment options available.

Some of the causes of depression in teenagers seem to be genetic, and those cannot be changed, but other triggers of teen depression can be avoided. Some of the risk factors for teen depression include:

  • A family or personal history of depression
  • A long-term illness or disability, whether physical or mental
  • Experiencing a trauma or loss, including abuse, divorce of parents, death of a loved one, or a break-up
  • Difficulties at home, at school, or with friends

If you know a teen that suffers from or is at risk for depression, you can help the teen by:

  • Talking and listening to him or her
  • Encouraging him or her to be involved in positive activities and to take good care of him or herself
  • Being fair when dealing with or disciplining the teen

  • Setting a good example by taking good care of yourself and getting help if you feel depressed or overwhelmed.

  • For more help you can also browse the internet. There are lots of websites available online related to depression. You can easily gather lots of information from these sites.

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