Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robots Makes Learning To Code Easy

When I was contacted by Wonder Workshop last month to test Dash and Dot (robots that help kids learn to code) I was skeptical at first.  Before unboxing I looked on YouTube at the Wonder Workshop channel to see videos on the product, and then went to the Wonder Workshop website to click on `Apps’ and download the apps for use with my iPad 3 and iPad mini, both using iOS 8.3 at the time of this writing.

dash Robot photo
Photo by diane horvath

The Sunnyvale, CA startup (formerly known as Play-i) founded by former Apple, Google and Frog Design employees made … Read the rest

The Classic Type of Sewing Machine

You may have wondered if there are still sewing machines that feature the classic image of a spindle and wheel, well there are! Check QuiltersChoices to learn about another type of sewing machine, the mechanical sewing machine.

This type of sewing machine is probably the most basic type of sewing machine, sharing the title with the electric sewing machine type. However, unlike electric sewing machines, mechanical sewing machines do not use electricity to power their use. Instead, to power, the use of a mechanical sewing machine, the hand wheel at the side of the device must be turned for it … Read the rest

Can you run a restaurant in Singapore without a halal certificate?

A halal certificate is needed to sell edibles to Muslims. If you do not have a halal certificate, Muslims will not buy from you since they only eat halal foods. In order to ensure your Muslim customers that you really sell halal food that they can eat, you have to have a halal certificate. There is no other option.

For restaurants in Singapore, it is not necessary to get a halal certificate. You can run a restaurant without one but you cannot sell food to Muslims. Even if you try, they will not eat.

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Security Doors And Its Types

Wherever you live and whatever be the choice of your house, you cannot ignore the gateway to your abode. It is not just the spot that marks the entrance to your property but also it is the part of your house, which restricts any unwanted person to come inside your property. Gate is important for the protection of your home as well as the inhabitants and their belongings. You may purchase a gate depending on your budget as well as your preference. However, if you think safety of your house is your priority, you need to opt for the specially … Read the rest

Invest in the best pet vacuum cleaner and get loads of benefits

People of every age group like to stay in tidy places at all times. They enhance their everyday activities for keeping indoors as clean as possible. On the other hand, they spend hours of time to clean their home day after day. They can invest in the pet vacuum cleaner recommended by experts in this competitive sector.  Once they have begun using the most efficient vacuum cleaner designed particularly for supporting pet owners worldwide, they will get the most expected convenience while cleaning floors. 

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