Care For Your Hair During The Summer

Before I discovered the ArganEsque Hair Treatment solution, I was always afraid to go out during the summer. This is because I was afraid that the summer sun will ruin my hair. However, you do not need to buy Argan oil to ensure that your hair remains healthy during the summer. Here are some tips you should know.

1. Is there a rule that applies to all types of hair in the summer?

Sun dries out any hair, especially color-treated hair. The hair damage can often no longer be repaired with a deep conditioner. Just as the skin needs its UV protection, it is also important to protect your hair and scalp with UV blocking products, such as sprays and creams. In case of strong solar rays, it is also recommended to use a headgear in particular to protect the sensitive head.

2. Which type of hair suffers the most sunlight, and why?

Colored and lighter colored hair is very sensitive. The hair is often already dry, especially red tones are also rapidly changed by sunlight. Women with red dyed hair should therefore always wear a hat because the sun draws out the red strongly.

3. Why does bleached hair tend to assume a greenish discoloration for a beach holiday?

Swimming in the pool is dangerous for bleached hair – they will quickly react to the chlorine in the water and get a green cast. Copper compounds in tap water can cause a greenish tint.

4. Is it possible to keep dry hair from drying out in the summer even more?

A moisture spray with UV protection should be given in advance to damp or dry hair ( use according to instructions). Use a special shampoo and intensive conditioner for treatment.

5. How does nutrition affect the hair?

Whoever eats healthy, normally has also healthy skin and hair. Vitamin deficiency is reflected in hair usually after three to four months in the form of dull, brittle hair and hair loss.

6. Is there a perfect summer hairstyle?

For curly hair: Allow to air dry, and rub a cream with UV protection. Use a chignon, pashmina, hoodie or hat to protect your hair from the sun when you go out.

7. What is the perfect summer cut?

Short hair cuts and short bobs are ideal in the summer because they are so pretty straightforward.

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