Candles Are The Best Gift For Christmas

Christmas is the season of joy, but for many it’s also the season of the hurried last minute shopping trying to find a gift for Aunt Mary, whom they see once a year and know nothing about, and a horde of other relatives. If you are in this situation, wondering how to afford the endless list of little gifts and tokens of appreciation for your loved and less loved ones, why don’t you give candle making a try? Candles are without a doubt one of the best gifts for Christmas.

To start with, candles are cheap to make and people appreciate handmade scented candles as it shows that you thought of them and valued them enough to spend your time crafting a unique gift. After all, you could have just opted for searching Amazon or other online store, and grabbing the first gadget that looked vaguely suitable. Handmade gifts always make the recipient feel special and loved, which is exactly what you need for Christmas.

Candles are also incredibly versatile, and you can tailor your project to the recipient of your gift, easily. For example, you could use beeswax sheets to make an organic, eco-friendly candle for that friend of yours who is a bit of a health nut, or make soy votive candles for your vegan cousin. Whatever your level of skill or candle making experience, you can find a candle making project that suits you. And if you don’t want to make the candles themselves, you can always learn how to wrap and decorate plain or scented candles to give them that personal touch inexpensively.

Making candles is also fun and a perfect hobby for a dark, cold Winter night. If you are looking for affordable gifts for the Holiday Season, candles are a great option and will save you a lot of time you’d otherwise spend shopping, and are unlikely to ruffle any feathers or be unappreciated. For all these reasons, candles are possibly one of the best Christmas gifts you can think of.

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