Cable Conduit Covers

Recycled plastic can be used to produce a wide range of different products for all types of technical manufacturing sectors and industries. One of the uses for recycled plastic is the production of cable covers. Very often cable ducts will be covered by concrete or impregnated wooden boards. These boards are designed to protect the cables but can have several disadvantages when exposed to the outdoor elements.

Concrete covers can absorb water and this puts them at risk from frost damage. They may also become too brittle after several years in use even if the concrete has been reinforced. Wooden covers have similar problems when used in outdoor applications. In wet conditions, wood can begin to rot and therefore the construction can be put at risk from collapse and cave in.

Recycled plastic cable covers offer a sustainable real world solution, especially for outdoor applications. Recycled plastic cable covers are ideal for all established supply ducts.

Other applications include:

Transformer Stations
Industrial Plants and Railway Systems, Footbridges, Walkways and Bridges
Maintenance Pits

These cable conduit covers are the optimum solution for new construction projects in terms of technical, economical and ecological respects. They are ideal as replacements for rotted wood and brittle or cracked concrete cable covers.

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