Boat Ride At Lake Jipe During A Tsavo Safari

There are many attractions one can enjoy during a safari to Tsavo. It is paramount to take at least two to three days in order to fully enjoy the trip. At the borders of Kenya and Tanzania lies lake Jipe generously sharing its waters with the two countries. It also neighbours Tsavo West National Park giving visitors an opportunity to explore extensively. The lake is fed by Lumi River and streams from North Pare mountains. On the other side its waters get out of the lake through Ruvu. It is a home for numerous birds as it has become a pride of Kenya for the many birds it has managed to bring together. It is also surrounded by swarms where hippos and crocodiles find their natural habitat. The Kenya wildlife service offers boats for hire to those wishing to get deeper into the lake and capture beautiful photos with Mt.Kilimanjaro and Pare mountains at the background. You may encounter a crocodile or two as you ride or a hippo here and there. The lake also offers refreshment for most animals feeding around like the elephants, gravy zebra that was introduced in 1976 and other animals.

One can combine this with a Tsavo West Safari. Lake Jipe has three rows of bandas each containing two beds to help accommodate more people. There communal bathrooms and toilets. However they are well maintained and cleaned by workers to ensure a comfortable stay. One can also spend their nights at Lions bluff lodge. The lodge is strategically positioned to attract many animals that come to take water at a water hole nearby. It is built on a bluff and offers comfortable accommodation for all types of tourists. Lions bluff is a centrally positioned place for those planning to go to shetani lava flows, Lake Jipe, Mzima springs, Chyulu hills and Ngulia rhino sanctuary. It is imperative to organize the trip with an experienced travel company to plan a custom safari depending on your choice.

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