Blending Fruit Juices Made Easier

If you want to make fresh fruits and veggies juice, always ensure that you select the fruits and veggies well. They should be fresh and if possible, you should harvest them straight from the orchard or from your kitchen garden. You may then use your ninja 1000 watt blender to blend the juice to the required thickness.

Most people are not able to make tasty juices mainly due to their choice of ingredients and the use of artificial sweeteners. If you use fresh fruits that are ripe and you add some natural sweeteners such as bananas and honey, you will obviously get sweet juice.

Always bear in mind the fact that fruit juices can be taken as snacks. You do not need to preserve it for a long period of time as the nutrients will be lost. In fact health experts recommend that fresh fruit juice should be served as soon as its made.

Instead of chilling the juice in the fridge for sometime before serving, you may blend the juice with ice cubes. In fact this will enable you to get frothy and tasty juice in seconds. You may share the recipes online with friends. This way, you will also get ideas of how to make variety of fruit juices. This will make the whole hobby much more fun.

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