Black Diamond RIngs, A Class On Its Own

One type of diamonds that are quite sought after is the Carbonado, or black diamond. It is often regarded as a freak of nature and oftentimes entwined in mystery and superstitions. They are, however, pretty much like any other precious stone and yet there are many theories about its origin. Like other stones, they have characteristics that are similar to regular white diamonds; they are also inspected for their purity. They are increasingly being used for making engagement rings although its scarcity can easily make them reach five figures in cost and out of reach for the majority of us. If you are thinking of buying this unique piece of diamond, then make sure that they are certified and comes from reputable dealers.

Differences with white or clear variants

Since carbonado is also a diamond, its value is roughly the same as with any other diamonds. And compared to other stones, they are just as valuable as well. In fact, the white ones are softer than the dark variants as well as more porous. Carbonados do not reflect light as they are dark. Since light passes through the white variant at different angles, it produces different colors. But that does not mean it does not shine, it has a unique radiance of its own and can be quite exquisite on its own. The darkness of the black diamond is the indicator of its quality. It can command quite an hefty price even though it is treated.

Buying Black diamond rings

Under the refraction of fiber optic light, carbonados exude dark brown edges. The edges should be examined prior to purchasing. And just like any other diamonds, the price should be determined by its clarity, weight, color and cut. Check if the sparkle is smooth and reflective. You need to inspect the black variant as it is more prone to scratches. Unlike regular variants, carbonado cuts are quite simple. They come in pear, heart, marquis, and round shapes. An indication to its quality is its clarity. Its weight is in carats, just like regular diamonds. The higher the carats, the more expensive it is.

To shop without any hassle, online stores make the shopping experience more pleasurable. You can shop and compare prices at the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for unique engagement rings designs, then you might want one created from white and dark stones. Just make sure that the online seller is reputable. You can read feedback or search for one regarding their reputation.

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