Birthday Themes – Best 3 Sweet 16 Birthday Party Themes

Turning 16 years old is arguably one of the most important birthday’s you will ever celebrate. There is a load of pressure which is on the person tossing the party and mounds of anticipation from the birthday daughter or son. Needless to say, it’s a difficult task to pull off well. This article will hopefully provide some good ideas for your bash planning and spark some of your family creative juices to plan the most beneficial sweet 16 birthday bash ever.

Mardi Gras Style- Exactly what teenager hasn’t seen the Mardi Gras celebration with TV and wished they could be there. Invitations are the primary glimpse guests will see of this party planning labors. Organize a mini parade for ones guests during the bash. Include creole food and traditional costumes as much as you can. You can click on for best birthday parties in sudbury.

Spa- Turn your yard of living room into a room of relaxation. Renting a spa is definitely an option, however the cost is not optional which is usually pretty expensive. Creating an out doorway spa with fountains and flowers can be an easier alternative. Recruit some helpers to provide the gust of honor and her invites facials, manicures and whatever else they are in the mood for.

Hollywood Royalty- Start the evening off using a grand entrance of the guests. Announce their names and who they are seen with as when they were royalty. You could also want to ask a nearby dance group to execute a number welcoming your guest of honor. Make sure their entrance is exclusive and special. A nights food, dancing and entertainment has to be hit with everyone.

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