Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery For Weight Loss

Biliopancreatic Diversion is a common type of weight loss surgery that is adopted by obese people to get into shape quickly. In this surgery a smaller stomach is created to store the food and this in turn results in less absorption of food inside the intestine. This surgery alters the normal digestion process and as the stomach size is reduced patients after the surgery will absorb only few amounts of calories. When the calorie intake is reduced body tends to lose the fat accumulated in the body. The surgery removes a small portion of the stomach and a smaller stomach pouch is created. The distal portion of the small intestine is connected to the newly created pouch. Thus, after the surgery you will be able to eat only less amount of food and your body absorbs only less nutrients. In some cases the patients may even suffer from nutritional deficiencies and to compensate that they are given vitamin tablets.

After the surgery, you need to eat highly nutritious food, thus you can order your food from healthy food suppliers like nutrisystem; log on to to learn more. Even if you eat nutritious food, you will have to depend on medications lifelong after the surgery to provide the required nutrients and vitamins. Weight loss surgeries even reduce the body’s ability to absorb the required amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Thus, doctors always recommend losing weight with healthy diet and regular workouts instead of depending on such surgeries.

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