Bet Angel – The Best Betfair Trading Software?

If you are new to Betfair trading then the idea of using software can be a little frightening. It certainly does cause a real learning curve for the novice, but the only way to move on to the professional level is to automate your trades.

From a professional trader’s perspective, Bet Angel has more than enough features to make it a leading contender in the software choice, along with Evolution Trader and Fairbot which also have a good following. So what makes Bet Angel the most popular choice amongst full time Betfair traders? Here are the main six reasons why people choose Bet Angel for their automation and trade management:

1. Age – One of the most important reasons why I, and many other professional football traders or sports traders trust in Bet Angel for their trading software is because Bet Angel was quite literally the very first Betfair trading software ever invented. It is around ten years old, almost as old as sports exchange trading is itself. This counts for a lot in my opinion.

2. Order Submission Times – You wouldn’t enter the Grand Prix in an old banger would you? Well the same applies to trading. Betfair trading is fast-paced and profitable when done correctly, but what is the point in spending hours doing your trading research only to have your orders submitted to the exchange markets too slow to take advantage of the events as they unfold? Some Betfair trading software programs are cheaper than Bet Angel, some are even free, but when this costs you in order submissions time, what is the point of the saving? It is a wise move to have lightning fast submission times when trading, and you only get that with Bet Angel.

3. Stability And Reliability – Being old and well-used by thousands of Betfair traders, Bet Angel has an incredible level of stability. In five years using this software daily, I have only ever seen one crash of the program, and that was when I was running it on a very old PC. Bet Angel is amazingly stable and this is a crucial point because if your trading software fails you at the critical moment, it could be very costly. Take your Betfair trading seriously, and your trading will take you seriously!

4. Functionality – Bet Angel comes with literally twice as many bells and whistles as its closest competitor. Whether it is dutching, or drawing trend lines on graphs, it really does have it all and more. In fact I can honestly say I have only ever used less than half of its full feature-set, which is saying something!

5. Value For Money – Trading software is not cheap if you are looking for a quality program to handle your trades for you, but Bet Angel is priced nowhere near the price I believe it should be charged at. The price for many traders equates to one trade per year to fund their software license, that is too affordable to ignore!

6. Built By Traders, For Traders – Probably the most important reason why I trust in Bet Angel’s trading software is because of who built it and why. Bet Angel was coded by Peter Webb, a professional Betfair trader who had great success with trading the horse price markets, and still trades using his own software to this day. He wanted something to take the strain off his fingers and his brain whilst trading, and around ten years ago Bet Angel was born. It has been maintained since then by the same man and team of traders who constantly update it and improve it to make trading easier and more profitable.

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