Best Ways To Send Large Files Online

File sharing is the exchange of digital data or information. In the past, the only possible way to transfer big files was the usage of removable media. This was the manual sharing of data. These medium was good for sharing, transmitting and storing small files but it was not possible to send large files online with these removable devices. Thus, there was a need to find new ways for large file transfers. This led to the invention of new ways for sending large files such as FTP, Email, peer-to-peer, upload based services and file hosting. These new forms however overcome the limitations of the removable device and worked quite well for the dial up modem era but listed several issues in the high-speed internet which has led to an explosive increase in the quantity and size of the digital data.

With email, you can send files with the help of attachments but it is not possible to send large files online via email and it is a really time consuming process to send multiple files. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows multiple file transfers but its set up is really expensive and is not really designed to send big files over the internet. Peer-to-peer connects multiple computers through for very fast file sharing. But this medium is mostly used for questionable file sharing purposes and also exposes computers to security risks.

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