Benefits of Permanent Lip Colours

Every woman wants luscious lips which glow and look beautiful. Permanent lip colour is a new technique of applying a tattoo-like colouring on your lips, on a permanent basis. The new makeup is smudge proof, water resistant and remains intact at all times of the day.

These lips are easy to acquire and maintain. Permanent makeup enhances your permanent lip colour. This simple process will lead you closer to your dream lips.

Process for Permanent Lip Colours

Micropigmentation is the technique for this. It is like the tattooing process. However, it requires a professional, instead of a tattoo artist. Lips are made up of ultra-sensitive tissues. Therefore, you must always consult a physician before making the decision. The process takes about a couple of hours. General anaesthesia is given to the client, to numb needle sensation.

The professional, also known as micropigmentologist draws the contours of the lip shape you have asked for; he or she then applies clusters of pigment cells within the drawn shape. They use an instrument similar to a tattoo gun for this purpose. Once the process is over, you can resume to your daily schedule, though the operation could take three weeks to heal completely.

You should choose the final lip colour with care and precision, under the guidance of a dermatologist. If you select an extremely dark shade, it could look abrupt and unnatural around your natural complexion. The same goes for light shades. Always consult your physician before making the decision.

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