Benefits Of Hostgator Coupon Codes

In addition to the dedicated customer service, the Hostgator Company offers the best and dedicated server plans. This includes 10 mbps uplink, 10TB of bandwidth and 5 dedicated IPs. The company offers 4 server plans in all Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro. In the Basic Plan, the company offers 20% off Hostgator coupon for its quad core Xeon CPU in place of using super fast CPUs, which most websites do not actually need. In Standard server plan, it is the same as the Basic except for one main difference it doubles the RAM to a sturdy 4 GB. The increase in RAM has made this plan most popular and less expensive with the Hostogator coupons. The Elite has the 4 gig RAM as well, but now the CPU uses the more advanced quad core Intel, as a result of which the costing becomes much, but with the help of Hostgator coupon codes the costing become less. The Pro has everything that require for the web hosting.

Dedicated servers may not be right for the modest need but by utilizing the Hostgator coupon with proper codes, may serve the purpose in fewer prices. If you want to know more about Hostgator coupon codes, you may visit our website.

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