Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

For anyone who takes their coffee seriously, the ultimate piece of equipment in the kitchen has to be a quality bean to cup coffee machine. These machines are designed to provide the freshest coffee as they grind the beans on demand to ensure the ultimate freshness.

There are many different manufacturers and models of bean to cup coffee machines from the likes of Jura, DeLonghi and Siemens. Prices vary widely with the different models and can range from a few hundred up to thousands for the commercial models.

The Jura Impressa is one such machine and is of excellent build quality from this Swiss manufacturer. It can be easily plumbed in using a standard plumbing kit and it features a one touch coffee dispensing system and an automatic milk frothing system. The machine is ideal for producing up to 75 cups of coffee a day and so would also suit a small business or office.

There are various models in the Jura Impressa range with the top model in the domestic range being the XS90. It features a large water tank and larger waste coffee compartment than other models and now includes an extra bean hopper extension free with the machine. The Jura Impressa also features twin boiler which means there is no delay between the coffee and steam for milk.

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