Be A Fashion Queen On Your Prom Night

Talking about what to wear to our upcoming prom night has become the most talked about since the past few weeks. Yes we are talking about our 2014 prom dresses. To begin with we will be discussing the newest two hot trends in the market now. It has become a challenging task now a days for our girls to decide what they are even looking for.

Recently according to our very own fashion star, mermaid dresses have become the most worn dresses since the last months of 2013. Now these mermaid dresses have different styles. Before jumping to a conclusion, beware!You cannot easily carry such a bottom tight dress easily. If you think you cannot manage, do not opt for this one, the next thing you know you might flat on the face.

Now this pretty will start tight at the top, usually strapless, heart shaped or straight, incredibly tight at the hips and only a few inches loosening from knee onwards. The other type may be as tight from top to probably lower thighs and an easy open frilly bottom all the way to the feet. This type will make it easier for our girls to walk with the highest heel. You should know that the mermaid style is considered one of the most popular Dresses to be chosen for 2014 prom dresses. You can guess why.

At number two this year, we have the tail gown dresses. These dresses will usually be a strapless, sleeveless, full sleeves or even off shoulder Plain dress. A huge gown over it, partially closed with a hook or two at the chest and rib area. The gown sleeves can be designed as required, the best part, it can be any way you want it so be creative if you are tailoring your own clothes. The gown maybe embroidered, plain, flashy coloured, beaded, sequined, heavily or lightly it will make you look elegant and stunning at the same time. The back of the dress, from thighs to the ground will be a huge tail of flair, dragged along, and carried around if you feel like it. This dress has also been managed to take a place under the 2014 prom dresses categories. Don’t forget to be innovative with your designs girls

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