Bathroom Maintenance

Of all the rooms in your house, whether its owned or rented, the bathroom is the one most likely to cause trouble. Its so easy to let the bathroom get into disrepair, and before you know it you have mould in the sealant, water damage under the bath, and a sink blockage. This poses a particular threat to any future renovations you might have, or just getting your deposit back. With this in mind, there are a couple of budget solutions to keep your head above water.

Installing plastic curtains in the shower bay will drastically reduce water damages to the floor, and they couldnt be easier to clean. Make it a house rule to brush the sealant with an old tooth brush after using the shower its cheaper than replacing it, and its a good habit to drill into your tenants. If you have a carpet floor, be sure to report any discolouration. Alternatively, replacing carpet with tiling/wood flooring removes any future hassles. Your air filter frequently gathers dust and loses functionality if not maintained give it a quick once-over with the hoover to keep it flowing free.

Finally, keep all basins clean and shining you dont want your bathroom turning into a bath house for germs.

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