Basic Requirements for High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing is designed as a protective piece of equipment for personnel working in potentially hazardous environments. High visibility (HV) clothing is worn by the emergency services such as fire fighters, ambulance crew and police officers as well as other areas of work including rail workers, highway maintenance, motorcyclists and many other areas.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 requires that several factors be taken in to account so that the correct choice of HV clothing is made for the task.

As a basic rule, the choice of clothing should take into account the lighting conditions in which it is required to perform. It should not restrict movement and also take in to account other factors such as fog, rain and snow. For example, some jobs might only require the wearer to use a reflective HV waistcoat such as a cyclist or motorcyclist. Other workers who are at risk from being hit by moving vehicles such as highway maintenance workers may need full body HV clothing to highlight them to drivers. High visibility clothing is available from a range of manufacturers including Praybourne who can supply the whole range of HV clothing suitable for all types of applications and hazardous situations.

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