Barrel Racing Saddles

Saddle selection is most significant for several different reasons. The saddle must fit you and your horse, be the right type of saddle for barrel racing and be within your price range. Saddles can be a very exclusive investment, but they can last for years if they are taken care of. When selecting a saddle for your barrel horse the most significant thing to do is ensure the saddle fits your horse. This means you’ll find no pressure points to hurt on the horse’s back and the horse can go freely minus the bars of the tree of the saddle interfering. There are barrel racing saddles being made with no bars; so many people may genuinely believe that this means they could match any horse perfectly. This is simply not correct because the seat may remain too far down on the horse is back, producing discomfort and interfering with motion.

There are things to look for if you believe your saddle doesn’t match your horse. After a ride where your horse becomes exhausted under the seat pad, if there are any dry regions under the pad this may be a pressure point. Often the whole back will soon be moist with one range on each aspect of the horse’s back that’s dry. This dry range appears inside the heart of a moist area, obviously dryer than the remaining back. This means that the seat is adding all of the strain and weight of you as well as the seat in these locations to the horse’s back.

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