Barkley Jacket Features, Benefits and Uses

A lot of companies these days are turning to promotional products such as jackets to promote their ventures. Using merchandise for branding and advertising is highly effective especially if you choose the right items to go along with your marketing campaigns.
If you are considering which promotional item to use, it is a wise thing to look into the potential of promotional jackets in promoting your company. As proven, anything that is wearable can go a long way, so why not try using jackets that are properly branded for enhance recognition. With this, the Barkley jacket can be your perfect partner in promotions.

Barkley Jacket Features

Jackets are fantastic promotional products to get your company seen by the public. This is where the Barkley jacket comes into the scene. It offers a professional look that can leave a long lasting positive impression on your new clients, existing ones as well as business associates.

This jacket is made from 320gsm anti-pill micro fleece contributing to its sleek appearance. The back and chest portion comes is double stitched for increased durability and appeal. It comes with two angled zippered pockets in front and available in two tones: black and blue.
It is the typical jacket with zipper closure in front and collar neck design for that polished look. The chest part can be utilised for embroidery or logo printing.

Benefits and Uses

There is no wonder why jackets work fabulously as corporate gifts or branded promotional products. Primarily, this jacket comes in different sizes and is appealing to almost anyone. For instance, while most men would be excited about stuffs like golf accessories, jackets are things that both men and women would appreciate.

Plus, jackets such as Barkley make an outstanding gift to employees. At times jackets serve as staff uniform or may be offered as a simple gift when employees have been in the company for a significant amount of time. An employee who receives the jackets would most likely give away additional pieces to friends or family members. This is a wonderful and natural way to reach out to others.

Plus, jackets can be customised according to usage. For instance, there are light jackets for everyday use while there are also the heavy ones perfect during the winter season. This makes this product a year round promotional item.

Furthermore, there can be no doubt about its usability. A jacket is something that anyone can use and will most likely use. After all, your goal in giving away promotional products is to make the recipients use them. Thus, it can be hard to beat a jackets visibility and usability. Surely, your employees and customers will be more than happy to wear your jackets. The more they wear your jackets to public places, the more exposure your business gets.
So, if you are contemplating about which promotional item to use, include the Barkley jacket. Have it embroidered with your company logo and other details like website etc. and you will definitely get the attention that your company deserves.

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