Bail Bonds And Bounty Hunters

Bail bonding is a legal process that has to do with criminal court cases. In the court system it can be months before someone is given their day before a judge. After you are arrested you are given an arraignment which sets your court date for the charges and also will mark a point when the court will set your bail amount. What the bail amount is for is to make sure that you show up in court for your trail so that the justice system can work. The bail amount means that if you put the money down and pay the court then you do not have to await trail in jail, but can instead wait for it at home and continue to work and live. If you show up for court then you get the money back.

What happens most of the time is that people are unable to put forth all of the money. They will then instead contact a ct bail bond company who is in the business of charging people fees in order to pay the bond for them. Their assumption as a ct bail bonds co is that you will show up for court, they will get their money back, and you will pay them for that service. However, it does happen that people will get a bail bondsman to post the bail and then jump bail, or never show up for court.

The bond companies do not like this because they will not get their money back until you are in court. That is where the concept of a bounty hunter comes in. They are essentially people who are paid by bail bondsmen to bring the person to court so that the bond can be released. There are licensing requirement for all of these different professions in most states so do not think that you can just jump into doing this sort of work.

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