Availability Of A Website

Most of the people who use the services of a web hosting company do so in order to make their website available to the whole world. This includes the factor of availability of a website. The availability of a web site is different from uptime. Uptime is just the online time of a system. Availability time of a system accounts for the chances of people getting to reach the website in case of a network outage. The availability time is actually calculated by a number of mathematical formulae that also takes into account the uptime guaranteed by the hosting company. So, it is important for you to choose a reliable web hosting company like Blue host that offers good uptime guarantee.

Most people feel that the availability time is fairly obvious to calculate: 365 days * 24 hours * 60 minutes = 525,600 minutes of availability every year. But it is important to know that the average downtime of a system is to be subtracted from this time to account for the true availability of a system.

This downtime is calculated by the following formula: (uptime guaranteed by the company) * (total time in the year). A web hosting company may also include a certain amount of scheduled downtime every year. This is mainly for website maintenance purposes.

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