Are You a Kobe Bryant Fan and Want to download all his matches videos?

As a person can observe, is an excellent sharing site where audio, video all types are available. Kobe Bryants fans can easily find all their favorite videos on YouTube. A person can enjoy all his favorite videos on And if he finds his favorite videos on YouTube, does he want to download and download them to his computer so that he may enjoy them anywhere and anytime? If you are using Mac and want to download video from YouTube then, you have to follow these steps that mainly show how to download YouTube videos on Mac.

1.There are softwares for downloading videos. Download and start installation any of them but, make sure it would have Mac OS X Moutanin Lion included. It’s brilliant and simple to use!

2.Open the browser and visit When you found out your favorite Kobe Bryants video and start watching a video on it, you will observe the Download icon coming at the top left corner of the video.

3.People can easily downloaded videos by clicking the right Downloaded button on the left side of the YouTube Downloader for Mac window. After downloading the videos you can watch them on the built-in FLV player by simply double-clicking the file.

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