An Introduction to Sound Therapy

A lot of people nowadays are looking for more natural or alternative means of approaching cures to common and chronic health problems. Chinese medicine tells us that the use of sound therapy is essential for keeping overall health. This traditional and ancient healing technique is called The Six Healing Sounds. What this tells us is that no matter what language a person uses, if they had a particular illness, the sounds they made were basically all the same. Moaning and whining are prime examples of similar sounds that emanate on specific organs that are involved in the acute condition of the patient.

A person that has a kidney problem is often hunched over, exhibited shallow breathing and specifically made a distinctive wooooo sound. It is important to note that each of the 5 major organs of the body has its own characteristic sound. The five so called Yin organs are the heart, the lungs, kidneys, the spleen and the liver. A sixth sound can also be heard and corresponds to all of the organs involved. Whenever we practice breathing out gently using one or more of these six sounds we are actually helping our body purge any toxins that have led to the imbalance.

The healing technique is done using what is called vibratory breathing exercises. It is perceived that all matter vibrates at specific frequencies. If there is an imbalance to the organ due to a toxin, it upsets the natural frequency which then causes the symptoms that patients feel. By attempting to restore the chi or balance using specific frequencies directed at the specific organ, it promotes expulsion of the toxin and alleviation of the symptoms experienced. The fact that most diseases found today are caused by stress, poor diet and nutrition and poor lifestyle choices, the use of sound therapy techniques can help contribute to restoring the normal balance of chi in a persons body.

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