All Of The Different Restaurants Of Rhode Island

There are a lot of restaurants in the state of Rhode Island. Many of these restaurants are Italian restaurants as traditionally, Rhode Island is known for having some of the best Italian food in the north east. This has a lot to do with the very large Italian population that lives in Rhode Island. There is one area of Providence that is called Federal Hill and there are nothing but Italian restaurants that are located on what they call The Hill. For anyone who has eaten there, they will tell you that you will find some of the best Italian food anywhere and just the food in general is very good. It can be near impossible to get a seat at any of the restaurants on the weekends and sometimes during the week.

Rhode Island may be known for its Italian food, but Rhode Island also has other types of really good restaurants and one in particular is on the rise in Rhode Island as well as one the rise in most states across the United States. That particular type of restaurant is Irish Pubs and Irish Pubs Rhode Island is becoming a very popular trend and the Irish Pubs that are located there are some of the best Irish Pubs that I have been to in a long time. There is one particular area that has a couple of really good Irish Pubs, that area is Bristol, RI and the Bristol RI restaurants range from anything from Irish Pubs to French Restaurants to Portuguese Restaurants and more. So you will have to check out that area’s restaurants if you are ever in the area. Providence as of late has been becoming more diverse, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that they have a famous culinary arts school located right in the downtown area of the city and many of them are opening up a diverse assortment of restaurants downtown and around the city.

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