Affordable, Natural Beauty Products

When it comes to finding the right beauty products, disappointment can come very quickly. High-quality products are way too expensive, and affordable brands are, more often than not, filled with harsh chemicals that your body doesn’t want or need. Don’t chuck your buck–here are some affordable, natural beauty products that your body and wallet will love –!

Make Your Own Makeup

It’s not just called makeup because you can put it on your face. Too many women scoff at the idea of “making” their own makeup, thinking that it is too difficult or pricey. Nevertheless, with the right natural ingredients, you can mix your own healthy makeup from scratch in no time!

Here is a quick and simple recipe for the on-the-go lady, on how to make mascara from household ingredients:

You will need: Petroleum jelly or unscented chap stick, cocoa powder, eye shadow, or activated charcoal

Directions: Scoop out a small portion of petroleum jelly with your finger, and put it in a small bowl. If you are using chap stick, then cut off a small portion of your chap stick–not much bigger than your thumbprints, and mash it with a spoon. Next mix a small amount of cocoa powder, eye shadow, or activated charcoal with the petroleum jelly, until you have reached your desired color and thickness. Make sure there are no lumps so that it will spread on your lashes smoothly. Apply with a clean mascara brush.

The good thing about petroleum jelly is that when applied on the tips of the lashes, it will increase hair growth and fullness. The Internet is full of natural makeup recipes that are well worth a look!

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