Affiliate Internet Marketing Tips

Have you ever heard about affiliate internet marketing? If No, then you are at the right place as I am going to discuss affiliate marketing tips in a brief manner. You may not be knowing that the biggest affiliate Internet marketing tip is that you do not have to own a website. Though it is best that you do, there are other options. The next affiliate Internet marketing tip is that you can create landing pages using resources such as Squidoo, Hub Pages and Blogger. For our purposes here, we shall look at what you need to do when creating “lenses” which serve as landing pages in Squidoo.

#1 Affiliate Internet Marketing Tip – Modules

Squidoo ranks very highly with Google. The reason? Content. Lesson? Create as much content as you can but keep in mind what is relevant and of value to your visitor. Do not overwhelm them with information. Rule of thumb? At least 4 modules. Focus on the visitor. What would benefit them? What can they learn? Visiting can be beneficial in knowing more about internet marketing companies.

Break up your text with images. A picture paints a thousand words. Where can you get good images? How about Photobucket and Flickr? Can you use more than one image in a module? Yes, you can but you need to use HTML code for this. You can learn how to do this at Squidoo.

There are dedicated lenses on these subjects. In terms of graphics,use what augments your text. Take note that there is a whole range of modules available. You can get detailed information about how Google bots crawl your site at

#2 Affiliate Internet Marketing Tip – Bio

Do not use this space to glorify yourself. Make a brief reference and move on. In fact, you do not even have to talk about yourself. You can give a summary of your product, service or topic here. SEO spiders not only crawls the content on website but also the images embedded in it. It is really important to give names to images so that spiders can easily crawl them.

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