Advice For Pet Shipping And Animal Couriers

Sometimes in life when we travel we need to take one of our dearest and most loved family members with us, I am not talking about fellow humans though, but our pets. When we go on holiday for a week or two we usually leave them with someone we trust or put then in a shelter, but what if we are going away to work for 3 months or moving to another country altogether, what do we do with our beloved pet? Well unless there is some legal reason that we cannot take them with us then we usually put them on a plane and pick them up at the other end. BY Ship Your Pet

That may sound easy but you need to make sure you plan international shipping for your pet in advance:

Decide if your pet is going in the cabin, the hold, or a ticket paying passenger.

Is it traveling with you or unaccompanied?
Does the airline require you to purchase a pet ticket?

Traveling as cargo is the cheapest option.

Each airline will have its own guidelines on how a pet should travel so check them.

Be aware that pet flights usually have more than one stop.
Check the countries your pet may transit in for local temperatures.
Most carriers will require a vet certificate to verify its health status.

All vaccinations must be up to date.

Never sedate your pet prior to travel, it may actually be illegal.
Give your pet a small feed and workout before traveling.

Make sure your pet is hydrated.

Check to see if anyone will be making sure your pet is fine during the flight or any transits.

You may want to see if you can get insurance cover.
The container must match the airlines guidelines or it may be refused.

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