Advanced Task Manager For Android Phones

If you are going to download a task manager for your smart cellphone, Advanced Task Manager would be perfect for you. It is a very useful and convenient application that allows you to manage currently running programs in an efficient and efficient manner. Everyone knows that a lot of applications running in the background slow phone down and drain the battery. Then how to end applications easily and quickly, speed up the phone, and save battery on your smart phone? Advanced Task Manager is all you require at this time. You can know about task management app from


Tasks, Process and Service respectively display the running tasks, procedures and services on your cell phone. Once you have selected any task, procedure or service you would like to end, kill, please choose the “End, Kill, or Stop Selected” button and they will end quite easily.


It shows all the running programs installed in the cell phone. Select the program you want to uninstall, then press Uninstall Selected, the program will be easily uninstalled from your cell phone. If you accidentally press Uninstall all, you will be asked whether you are going to uninstall the programs one by one, which will cause a little problem and will waste your time.


It shows the protected procedures; you can select it, and then remove the protection. Advanced Task Manager gives the user an option to exclude some programs that can’t be stopped.

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