Adding Window Cleaning to Your Carpet Cleaning Service

If you want to add window cleaning to your carpet cleaning services then you need to firstly go through this article. Window cleaning has become one of the hottest service businesses to get into. Entrepreneur magazine named window washing one of “101 Service Businesses to Start Today.” Carpet cleaners can easily tap into window cleaning with very little investment — because you already have a customer base you can target.

Your tools. Unlike carpet cleaning and water restoration, window cleaning requires very little equipment. You can purchase most of the tools and equipment you need for less than $100 and easily fit them in a corner of your cleaning van. Even grocery and hardware stores sell these tools, including:

Razor blades
Extension poles
Dish soap for detergent (use as little as possible to prevent spotting)
A sturdy ladder
“Tame the Snake”

Window washing is more labor intensive than carpet cleaning and restoration, so it’s important to use proper cleaning techniques. The most popular and professional window cleaning methods are “fanning” and “swirling”. Fanning, also known as “snaking,” gets its name from the movement of the squeegee across the window. Experienced cleaners, who move the squeegee side to side in what appears to be one single, graceful movement and rarely lift the squeegee off the window, use this method more often. You can also search for des moines cleaning services through various reputed websites.

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