Acoustic Pipe Leak Detection

When it comes to pipe leak detection, the acoustic method is considered as one of the most popular and dependable technologies to use.

Common Sounds Detected
There are various types of sounds produced when there are leaks in your pipes. Normally, when there is orifice pressure reduction and pipe vibration caused by the leak, you will hear a hissing or whooshing sound. When the leak is spraying water onto the wall of a soil cavity, then rapid beating or thumping sound can be produced. You may also hear splashing sounds that is associated with the flow of water around the pipe. Among these, the hissing or whooshing sound similar to constant static noise is associated with leaks that are of 30 psi or more.

Factors Affecting Sounds
There are a number of factors that can generate the sounds from pipe leaks based on the experience of Scott English Plumbing. In general, the water pressure in the pipe together with the pipe material and its diameter are largely responsible. Contributory factors can also include the type of soil, its compaction, and depth over the pipe. The surface cover like asphalt, concrete, grass, and soil will also affect the type of sound that is produced.

Sound Intensity
The intensity of the sound will be directly proportional to the water pressure present inside the pipes. Pipes made out of metal like copper, steel, and iron will transmit sounds louder and in higher frequency compared to pipes made out of PVC for example. This means that it is important to be aware of the type of pipe material to get an accurate understanding of the acoustic picked up by leak detection equipment.

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