About Silicone Materials

Silicone rubber can be manufactured in many forms and has a unique range of properties and benefits which make it one of the worlds most versatile materials. It can be engineered and manufactured by a range of UK silicone manufacturers to offer an almost unlimited range of problem solving applications.

Silicones can take on many forms, from pourable liquids and foam through to rock solid objects. This means that designers from all types of industries can confidently use them to produce innovative products and processes. Silicones can also perform an impressive range of functions and as such are used to produce adhesives and release agents, anti foams and foam stabilisers.

Silicone rubbers and elastomers are used to make existing materials work better, perform longer and offer extra reliability thus making them extremely cost effective. They fuel imaginations and make the design of new products easier.

The ability to take on many forms means that silicone rubber makes design easier and more cost effective. It can be found as fluids which are thinner than water through to those which are so thick they form a paste. Free flowing resins, rigid plastics, powders and flexible rubbers are all forms which silicone can take to suit all kinds of applications and provide solutions.

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