A Short Guide To E-Cigs

E cigarettes are trendy but they are a very easy way to cut down on your smoking habit as well. There are several good cloud e cig brands available on the market and you can choose almost any brand you want. However, here are a few tips that can really help you out.

Start with a starter kit
Almost all good electronic cigarette UK retailers stock beginner kits that contain 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 1 charger and plug and 5 cartridges for personal use. A starter kit is perfect as it will teach you exactly how to use an electronic cigarette. The kit is also cheap and if you want, you can switch over to a different kit to change your taste.

Choose between 2-piece and 3-piece designs
Most retailers stock 3-piece designs as they are readily available and they can provide the smoking experience of as many as 100 to about 160 cigarettes. However, some users do like the 2-piece kits that work just as well. Two piece kits are also easier for newbies to use and replace in case of damage.

The advantage with e-cigs is that you will normal flavors of tobacco along with exotic flavors like vanilla, strawberry and banana. Of course, unflavored versions are also available but an e cig does away with the major complaint with cigarettes i.e., the odor and danger of secondhand smoke.

Reviews and opinions
Individual tastes and opinions do tend to vary but reading reviews will provide valuable information on different brands. Your taste may not match what is written by the reviewer but it does provide an idea of the brand, its taste, quality and the cost of the brand. We recommend you read as many reviews as possible and compare the ideas presented in them before you actually buy a product or brand.

Most kits are imported but a few are manufactured in the UK. Usually, imported brands may vary anywhere from $20 to about $1000 or more. However, newbie kits are cheaper and they average about $20 to about $50. Buy only starter kits and then move on to larger gourmet kits that cost more and provide a better smoking experience.

Battery and charging
Most models come with their own batteries for charging and you can attach them directly to wall sockets for charging. However, newer models now have USB charging sockets which means you can charge them through the computer and even through your car battery when you are driving.

This may seem like a long list of things to go through but it is necessary. However, this can take a lot of time and to make a long story short, we are there to do the legwork. We are a leading retailer of cloud electronic cigarette UK in the UK and all you have to do is get in touch with us. Our trained customer service department will find the right smoking units for your requirement and get you started on the best e cigarette experience possible.

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