A Set of Day Tour Essentials

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            These days, travel has been made easy for everyone.With cheap holidays UK, budget flights, and alternative forms of accommodation, people who aren't as well off as "classical" tourists can now go around the world.Everyone can afford to be jet setters these days. With cheap holiday packages, affordable airline tickets, and alternative forms of lodging, people who are cash-strapped can go to places that were once too expensive for them to travel to. These budget travellers, referred to as backpackers, have a different travel philosophy than "classic" tourists. Bed-and-breakfasts are a more popular option for them than overly priced hotels; avoid touristy spots and visit rarely visited sights; and they also avoid organised tour groups. In essence, backpackers experience local culture more and learn to more like the locals rather than be a tourist. <br /><br />It's a well-established fact that most backpackers are a frugal lot. Thus, public transportation is their best friend if hiking is not a possibility. Because of this, they carry all their essentials in a backpack.<br /><br />Now, backpackers can carry whatever they want. But the heavy load will cause a strain on their backs and shoulders. Which will eventually be an inconvenience for them. To avoid a heavy burden, most experienced backpackers leave most of their stuff in their hostel, inn, or lodging house and take only the essentials for the day tour.<br /><br />What Should Be Carried for a Day Tour<br /><br />1. Day pack<br /><br />In spanning distant countries, cities, and towns, backpackers bring large mountaineering packs to carry everything they need for the entire trip. A day pack is also kept separate. They use these for what they deem essential for a day tour. And these are considerably smaller and more compact than their backpacks.<br /><br />2. Weather protection<br /><br />When backpackers are out there, weather conditions may change. As a result, every backpacker is left at the mercy of rain, snow, strong winds, and the hot sun. Experienced backpackers always make sure that they carry gear such as rain jackets, fleeces, hats, and coats to protect themselves from the onslaught of weather. This readiness makes your experience a more enjoyable one as it prepares you for any untoward weather change.<br /><br />3. Money belt<br /><br />Money belts are standard equipment for light backpacking. They are used to keep money, IDs, and other important documents safely. They can be worn over or concealed under your clothes.<br /><br />4. Extra set of clothes<br /><br />All that sweat, dust, and pollution can make backpackers' clothes dirty and stinky. Thus, they usually carry with them a set of clean, extra clothes if a quick change is necessary.<br /><br />5. Jug of water<br /><br />The heat of the sun and the physical exertions of a backpacker dehydrate backpackers. Thus, most backpackers carry a water bottle filled with water or their favourite energy drinks so they can hydrate themselves anytime, anywhere.<br /><br />6. First aid kit<br /><br />While out there, backpackers may be afflicted by minor injuries such as cuts from broken glass or scratches from thorny plants. They may experience inconveniences such as looseness of the bowels, headaches, or slight fever. That's why they bring first-aid kits to ensure that they can deal with these health problems while they're out there.<br /><br />7. Hand-held phone<br /><br />Backpackers keep their mobile phones with them in case they need to contact people. Mobile phones are very useful, especially in case of urgent matters.<br /><br />8. Camcorder<br /><br />Backpackers love to document their travels. Bringing a simple digital camera allows them to seize moments and scenes so they can share them with friends or publish them in blogs.<br /><br />Take a look at holidayshoppers.co.uk for more tips and suggestions on <a href="http://holidayshoppers.co.uk/">best holiday deals</a>, backpacking and budget travelling.
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