A Good Dog is Easier to find than a Good Dog Toy

Our little King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a really well behaved and loyal dog, he never gets in to the mischief that some of our other dogs (Not that we don’t love them too!) do and has the biggest loyalty I’ve ever seen in any dog young or old. Hes constantly at your feet or nearby. In fact if I leave for just ten seconds to check on the laundry hes at the laundry room door waiting for me to come back in, even when I think hes sound asleep, I come back and voila there he is loyally waiting. I wish I could say the same for some of the dog toys! When I shop for dog toys it seems like they are either made without dogs in mind or perhaps made for dogs and then never tested. Our dogs toys sometimes last less than one day and if they last longer they are still nothing like the original toy resembled. For example, pull or tug-o-war toys are made with long threads at the end (Not a good idea for dogs whose very nature is to eat anything in sight!). Or that have big pieces sewed on with thread so light that a fisherman couldn’t catch a minnow on one. But there are some toys that do last and finding them while shopping here as well as at the family grocer is like finding buried treasure. I do though wait for the ultimate find: A toy that lasts and last and is cute for the humans buying it, has heavy duty sewing and material that canine teeth cannot grab hold of and whose squeaker cannot be dislodged. A toy that everyday Fidos around the world can have as their loyal companion just as much Fido is ours!

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