3 Must Have Tackle Box Items

The sport of fishing involves many items and pieces of equipment that you can use. Much of it is essential such as the fishing rode, line and hook, but a lot of it you can probably do without. However, there are some items that you can keep in your tackle box that can play a crucial role in whether you are successful in catching a fish or not.

You should always keep a selection of hooks in your tackle box in varied sizes and you should also make sure that any hooks you use are pin point sharp. If a hook is blunt in any way, it massively reduces the chance of successfully hooking the fish. For this reason, I always keep a hook sharpener in my tackle box. A hook sharpener is basically a small file that can smooth down any rough edges and hone the point of your hook to be razor sharp. If you regularly check your hook and hone when needed, you will bump far less fish off the hook resulting in more fish being caught.

I always practice catch and release when I go fishing which means I want to unhook any caught fish as quickly and as safely as possible. For this reason, I always keep a set of forceps in my tackle box. Sometimes when trying to remove a hook with just you bare hands; it can get awkward and tricky; even if you are using barbless hooks. A set of forceps lets you grip the hook much easier, enabling you to unhook it with ease and little fuss. Not only that, forceps have a longer reach than our own fingers meaning you can unhook a fish if it swallowed the hook deeper.

When I am trying to present my bait to be situated on the surface of the water, there is nothing more annoying than the line sinking resulting in the bait being dragged closer to your fishing rod. When this happens, it creates too much slack line, meaning it is difficult to efficiently set the hook once you get a bite. To avoid this situation happening, I like to keep some line grease in my tackle box. The line grease is gently applied to any length of line you want to float which means your bait will remain in place on the surface of the water a lot longer. The bait will still of course be moved around by the wind and currents, but it will no longer be moved by the line sinking.

The above 3 items may not be needed on every fishing trip but they can play a crucial role on occasions and they are relatively cheap compared to a lot of fishing tackle. Emtec has some useful tips and information on cheaper fishing tackle including rods, reels and bait. Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference.

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